Dear Our Colleagues and Students;
The innovation term defined as developing different, new ideas have become frequent terms that we hear in each fields. In our life the importance of innovation and creativity is growing increasingly. Especially reforms developed in healthcare make health professionals develop sophisticatedly and take new roles. All these developments and changes affect nursing.
The basic steps of starting innovation process in nursing consist of creating opportunities, providing motivation, supporting strategist processes and creating models that make the process appropriate. These steps will be able to make nurses integrate into quality healthcare systems in the direction of cost-effective determined targets by having them joined in innovation process. In nursing the place of scientific activities to introduce the process, make it beneficial and show strategy is important. Similar activities carry an effective platform for nurses to express in scientific processes.

We have held innovation contest and symposium to catch effective and welcome results in nursing service presentations, keep up with continued change and integrate innovation processes into our services from 2012. In 2018, we would like to share our 5-year innovation experiences with 1st International Innovative Nursing Congress and crown our traditional scientific meetings. With our congress, we are excited to share the congress schedule that we prepared directed at creating the most current, innovative and a multidisciplinary organization that create self-awareness in our congress where is in Istanbul, Hilton Kozyatagi Hotel.

In our congress, we aim to make our colleagues live a scientific feast with the presentations of our lecturers who are expert in their field along with the contest that nursing and tocology students will join. We are waiting for you in this feast and offer love respect.

The President of Association and Congress

Prof. Dr. Merdiye ŞENDİR
Congress President

Prof. Dr. Cengizhan Öztürk
Congress President