The Guideline to prepare Innovation Contest Project in Nursing

This guideline has been prepared to help nurses and midwifes who will join Nursing Innovation Contest. Before nurses and midwifes apply for contest, they should read this guideline from beginning to end. That the ones who will participate in Nursing Innovation Contest follow the rules of guideline in each step of their studies will enable them to make it easy and evaluate their studies correctly and without mistake.  
“Innovation in Nursing” Project contest aims to make all health professionals apply new thoughts/ideas in practice in order to increase nursing development and patient care quality, encourage innovative studies, motivate all nurses who have worked eagerly about this, create awareness of innovation studies.
The concept of Project contest is to design new medical device or medical products which will be used in health service presentation or develop available products. The project owners who will apply for project contest are expected to carry out their studies within this concept. We would like to see you precious colleagues with your projects between us in “Innovation Contest in Nursing” which is organized each year and the 5th one is going to organized to carry out innovation projects which are in 2023 targets of Turkey.

We wish a continued success to our all colleagues.

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